Monday, November 27, 2023

Over Fifty Horror Books!!!

After attending an NCTE session on "Monsters in the Middle", putting together a list of scary books seemed like a good idea. Alyssa Wishingrad has a great list of Monster Books here, so I didn't put too many books about monsters on my list. Most of these are within the last 8 years, since there are still teachers are still trotting out Lois Duncan books from the 1970s, and those... don't even smell good! This is a little of everything: creepy dolls (notes, for those with phobias), vampires, psychological horror, and lots and lots of ghosts. There's no particular rhyme or reason, but if you had money to buy a variety of fifty new horror books, this would not be a bad place to start. 

And look! I reviewed all of these, so if you hate horror, you don't even have to read them! 
  1. Alender, Katie. The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall (2015)
  2. Alexander, K.R. Darkroom (2022) and MANY other titles
  3. Arden, Katherine. Small Spaces (2018)(series)
  4. Balog, Cyn. Alone (2017)
  5. Baptiste, Tracy. The Jumbies (2015)(series)
  6. Bayon, Kalynn. The Vanquishers (2022)
  7. Bell, Alex. Frozen Charlotte (2016)*
  8. Birchall, Katy. How Not to Be A Vampire Slayer (2023)
  9. Bourne, Shakirah. Nightmare Island (2023)
  10. Cernosek, Nick. The Hiddenseek (2021)
  11. Cervantes, Angela. The Cursed Moon (2023)
  12. Cohen, Marina. Shadow Grave (2022)
  13. Coleman, Allen. Only if You Dare (2021) (stories)
  14. Condie, Ally. The Darkdeep (2018)(series)
  15. Currie, Lindsay. It Found Us (2023)
  16. Dawson, Delilah S. Mine (2021)
  17.  De Quidt, Jeremy. The Wrong Train (2017)(stories)
  18. Duga, Lindsey. The Girl in the Headlights (2021)
  19. Durst, Sarah Beth. The Lake House (2023)
  20. Ford, Mike. The Lonley Ghost (2021)
  21. Fournet, M. R. Brick Dust and Bones (2023)
  22. Hahn, Mary Downing. The Thirteenth Cat (2021)
  23. Henderson, Trevor. Scarewaves 2023)
  24. Henry, April. Girl, Forgotten (2023)
  25. Hermon, Daka. Hide and Seeker (2020)
  26. Krovatin, Christopher. Red Rover
  27. Lawrence, Lorien. Fright Watch 2020 (series)
  28. Lubar, David. Check Out the Library Weenies (2018)(series)
  29. McCall, Guadalupe Garcia. The Keeper (2022)
  30. Mott, Jody Lee. Hush-a-Bye (2021)*
  31. Night, P.J. Creepover (2023) books (series)
  32. Ocker, J.W. The Smashed Man of Dread End (2021)
  33. Okorafor, Nnedi. Ikenga (2020)
  34. Oh, Ellen. Spirit Hunters (2017)
  35. Perry, Adam. Ghosts Come Rising (2022)
  36. Poblocki, Dan. The Ghost Hunter’s Daughter (2020)
  37. Preller, James Exit 13 (2023)(series)
  38. Rissi, Anica Mrose. Hide and Don't Seek (2021)(stories)
  39. Schwab, Victoria. City of Ghosts (2018) Series
  40. Stine, R.L. Stinetinglers (2022) (stories)
  41. Stratton, Allen. The Dogs (2015)
  42. Smith, Ronald L. Where the Black Flowers Bloom (2023)
  43. Stringfellow, Lisa. A Comb of Wishes (2022)
  44. Strong, Karen. Eden's Everdark (2022)
  45. Sutherland, Joel A. Field of Screams (2020)(Series)
  46. Szpirglas, Jeff and Hughes, Steven B. (illus.) Book of Screams
  47. Walker, Angharad. The Ash House (2021)
  48. Weinberger, Justin. Zombie Season (2023)
  49. White, J.A. Nightbooks (2018)
  50. Wills, S.J. Bite Risk (2023)
  51. Young, Suzanne. What Stays Buried (2023)

* Creepy Doll Alert

Older titles

  1. Lettrick, Robert. Frenzy (2014) (Worth it for the rabid squirrel on the cover)
  2. Stroud, Jonathan. The Screaming Staircase (2013) (series)


  1. Anonymous6:46 AM EST

    I am laughing so hard at the creepy doll alert! :)
    This is quite a list; currently none of my children like horror at ALL, but I certainly get in the mood for a scary story every now and then.

  2. Sorry, didn't mean to comment anonymously before! :)

  3. Nice list, I see a few of my favorites on here. Happy MMGM

  4. What a fantastic list! I have copied it and will share with colleagues. I'm not a big fan of these types of books but those middle graders love them. Thanks also for your review on today's MMGM.