Saturday, February 15, 2020

Hamstersaurus Rex vs. The Cutepocalypse

O'Donnell, Tom and Miller, Tim. Hamstersaurus Rex vs. The Cutepocalypse
Published October 2nd 2018 by HarperCollins
School library copy

Now that SmileCorps is no longer a threat, Sam is trying to relax a bit. When he has to buy a birthday present, however, he ends up running into a Snuzzle who wrecks the toy store and causes him lots of trouble. The Snuzzles are super cute... but also bent on destroying everything they see. Along with his friend Dylan, Hammie, and the Chameleonkey, Sam tries to earn money to pay back the toy store while also saving the world from the threat of an evil Snuzzle army.
Strengths: These books are a goofy, fast-paced romp with a good mix of attractive line drawings and comfortably sized texts. They meet the need I have for funny books AND no one ever complains that "nothing happens" in them. There is something crazy happening all the time! If you haven't read these, think "Big Nate meets Radioactive Pocket Pets".
Weaknesses: These fall apart from overuse too quickly.
What I really think: I'm glad I have these, but also glad that the series is wrapped up. A four book series in paper-over-board format seems to wear out all at the same time. With a seven book series like Timmy Failure, the first book falls apart and has to be replaced before the last book comes out!

Don't miss Hamstersaurus Rex (October 4th 2016), Hamstersaurus Rex vs. Squirrel Kong (June 27th 2017) or  Hamstersaurus Rex Gets Crushed (January 2nd 2018) for the complete hamsterrific experience! Plus, check out this interview that my student Michael did with Tom O'Donnell for a language arts project!

Author Chat with Tom O'Donnell
Ms. Yingling

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