Sunday, June 24, 2018

There's No Base Like Home

32720234Mendoza, Jessica and Dusan, Alana Mendoza. There's No Base Like Home
June 19th 2018 by Tu Books
E ARC from Edelweiss Plus

Sophia Garcia wants to follow in her older sister Ellie's footsteps and play on the Waves softball team, but she doesn't make the cut. She is glad when a new team, the Quakes, is formed and she's asked to play on it. She still doesn't feel as if she is as good as her sister, but she's a little resistant to the training her sister tries to put her through in order to be a better player, even though she knows it will help. The girls have a lot of games, and their hardworking parents and extended family support them as much as they can, often bringing delicious food with them! With middle school starting, Sophia and her friend Casey are finding themselves with different interests-- Sophia is still all about softball, but Casey is interested in boys and clothes. It doesn't help that Casey's family is much better off than Sophia's, and Sophia finds herself being a little jealous, while Casey feels that Sophia doesn't listen to any concerns that aren't about sports. Sophia starts playing outfield instead of pitching (which is more Ellie's interest), and tries to stop being so cranky with her family and with Casey.
Strengths: We have a girls' softball team at school, but there as so few books that cover girls' teams. This had a lot of good information about different positions, and the light rivalry between Sophia and her sister was interesting. Seeing the Garcias extended family was nice as well. Illustrations will really help sell this, as will the celebrity factor if my girls have ever heard of these sisters.
Weaknesses: I had a hard time getting my head around a softball season going into December! By mid October in Ohio, it's way too cold to be playing outdoor sports, but this must not be the case in California! I wish this was a bit happier and less angsty.
What I really think: I'll have to buy a copy. I have a fair number of softball books, but a huge proportion of them are historical fiction. It's nice to see what that's modern.
Ms. Yingling

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