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Battle for Bearhaven (Secrets of Bearhaven #4)

34051363Rocha, K.E. Battle for Bearhaven (Secrets of Bearhaven #4)
September 12th 2017 by Scholastic Press
Copy provided by Young Adult Books Central

Spencer has enjoyed being with the bears in Bearhaven, especially with his friend, Kate, but the bears have not had an easy time of it. After rescuing his parents in Hidden Rock Rescue, Spencer still has to deal with the evil Pam and his sidekick Margo, who have planted microchips in over 80 bears and have created an evil army to try to wipe out Bearhaven. They're doing a good job so far, and have attacked and set fire to the settlement. Spencer has managed to escape and gone with eight bears to his friend Kirby's house to try to formulate a plan. He calls his parents, who want him to get on the TUBE and get to them, but Spence really wants to take Pam down. The group has found an injured bear  doorstep and rescued her, removing a microchip and treating her head wound. Sneaking into Pam's camp, Spencer and Kirby manage to drain a lot of the tranquilizer darts, but there's still a lot of work to do in order to save Bearhaven from those who wish it ill.

This was nonstop action, and a very clean fight showcasing good against evil. All that Spencer has learned about the bears comes into play, and his dedication to saving the bears and their world is admirable. The bears certainly are fighting as well, which is even more difficult since Pam has managed to turn so many of them into his evil army.

This definitely feels like the last book in the series, because so many of the loose ends are tidied up. Spencer's parents are safe and able to assist him a little, the bears have to move on from the destruction of most of their settlement, and Pam is dealt with. I did appreciate that Kirby was brought in on the action, since she has been a stalwart supporter of the bears and of Spencer.

Fans of Hunter's Warriors or Seekers series will enjoy the animal portion of this series, but readers who just like a good action and adventure tale with lots of fighting will appreciate that Spencer can actually communicate with the bears. Series seem to do better when they are shorter than five books, so that readers don't lose interest, so Secrets of Bearhaven delivers a compact punch of world building, conflict and speedy resolution.

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