Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Fairy Mom and Me

36343106Kinsella, Sophie. Fairy Mom and Me
January 2nd 2018 by Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Copy provided by the publisher

Ella knows that she will be a fairy like her mother when she grows up, but she is impatient to try out her skills, especially since her mother is not very good at magic and frequently needs some help. Normally, Ella's mom works at an office and takes care of Ella and Ollie, but when the situation requires it, she breaks out her Computawand and magics up cupcakes, flying beds, or clean up spells. Things often go awry, but work out in the end. Ella has two good friends, Tom and Lenka, but also a girl, Zoe, who gives her trouble. It's hard for her to watch her mother experience problems with magic when she suspects she would do a better job, and Ella occasionally has to ask her Aunty Jo or her grandmother (who uses an old fashioned wand) to step in to fix things.
Strengths: As more and more of my readers enjoy short chapter books with illustrations, it's been hard to find fantasy books. This one is perfect for strong elementary readers, and still empowering enough that older readers who struggle will enjoy watching Ella's mom make mistakes with which she needs help. The pictures are particularly charming and work well with the story, the magical mishaps are amusing, and Ella is a fun character. This has a feel of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle for the new Millenium.
Weaknesses: A bit twee for me personally, with the magic word for the mother to become a fairy being "marshmallow" and spells having names like "Cupcakeridoo" and "Rewinderidoo", but the target demographic will probably enjoy those light moments.
What I really think: This will go over very well with my struggling 6th grade readers, although my 7th grade ones won't come anywhere near the aggressively pink cover! Ah, middle school.

Ms. Yingling


  1. I believe girls will really love this chapter book series. Finally some fantasy books for those in between. Think my granddaughter would like this.

  2. Have you tried any of the Branches series from Scholastic? A lot of them are super popular with my elementary students but a couple of them appeal to older kids as well. Notebook of Doom and Dragon Masters are the most popular.