Friday, October 21, 2016

This is not my dog!

And yet the world really needs 
to see this picture!

The fantastic Library Jim (@library_jim) has a dog, Bella Willow, who looks so much like Sylvie that I am always taken aback. Interestingly, Willow is all poodle, while Sylvie is 1/4 Yorkshire Terrier mixed with poodle! Even their marking are similar, although Bella might be more apricot. 

We'll see if we can get Sylvie to rock the same costume. 

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  1. Aw, shucks. I had little to do with it really. And her name is Willow, by the way. My daughter decided to be Bellatrix for Halloween and I thought making Willow a Dobby costume would be funny. So my wife actually ordered a toddler sized pillow case and made this. She plans on making it look more worn and adding the famous Barry Potter sick to it as well. And yes, the blog has become super occasional. Like I haven't updated it at all this school year. At least there's Instagram and Twitter. Thanks again.