Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Blather

We have successfully made it through the first nine weeks, and we have a work day today! I may finally be a teeny bit caught up. Whew.

This year started out with problems in my "bionic foot", and I always forget how tiring wearing a boot is. My parents, who are 83, have been struggling. My younger daughter (fourth from right in the picture-- she's taller now, although needs size 2 petite business suits!) went off to college and I don't hear from her much. My older daughter got a job after I spent the summer worrying because she didn't have any interviews. Of course, she got the first job she interviewed for, and thought that all of my worrying was silly. 

Life is always stressful; the hard part is learning to deal with the new forms of stress!

There are no study halls in the library, so that means many more research classes. About 500 students a day come into the library. Last year, we checked out 10,298 books, and this year we've checked out 11,517. A 12% increase is pretty good, especially since half the battle is getting students to put down their smart phones long enough to read!

Photos taken by Kenneth Richards, team parent

Cross Country season was fabulous but exhausting. Imagine walking 65 children a mile from school to the park. There aren't any pictures of me coaching because I don't necessarily stand at the mile marker giving them times-- I'm back at the tent cleaning off a kid who threw up and bandaging a wound. My specialty is tying timing tags on shoes. Still, it's good for me to do.  

28964081Stein, Lori. Sharks!
October 18th 2016 by Animal Planet

Stein, Lori. Dinosaurs!
October 18th 2016 by Animal Planet

Copies provided by the publisher

Not surprisingly, I had a brief review of these two books, and it wouldn't publish. That kind of week. 

These were filled with information, and would make great gifts for elementary students with an interest in the topics. For school, I'd prefer a slightly larger format, and a hard cover. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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