Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Inside Job: And Other Skills I Learned as a Superspy (Superspy #2)

26073006Pearce, Jackson. The Inside Job: And Other Skills I Learned as a Superspy (Superspy #2)
July 12th 2016 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens
ARC from Baker and Taylor

After Hale realizes in Doublecross that Sub Rosa Society is evil and the League is good, he and his friend Walter are joining forces with the League members to try to get money for the financially strapped organization by going to Switzerland and getting the money out of a bank there. They are stymied, however, because the teller is being blackmailed by SRS. They work out a deal with Hastings-- if they get forged papers for his Tibetan Mastiff Annabelle and get back jeweled books that were stolen for him, he will give them access to the money. Hale and his companions frolic around Europe, stealing golf carts, locating the clown Twinkle Meatloaf and generally getting into trouble, even running into Walter's mom. They eventually fulfill Hastings' wishes and get enough money for the League to do some renovations.

22929538Strengths: This was a lot of fun, and a good choice for readers who like comic crime novels like Horowitz's Diamond Brother Mysteries, Salane's Lawless, and other books where things blow up and children are on the run. While Hale is still portrayed as unathletic, there are not as many comments about his avoirdupois. 
Weaknesses: The first one hasn't been a hit in my library. The cover is cartoony in an elementary way that a middle school way. I'm not sure what all that entails, but it is a problem. 
What I really think: I got a copy of the first book at a book look. Will see if it circulates better in the coming year before I buy this second book. 

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