Saturday, July 11, 2015

Song of Summer

First.... ARGH!!! E Book only. This is soooo irritating. Yes, Netgalley mentioned way down at the bottom that Spark books are only available as e books (like Any Way You Slice It), but the cover and book description made this so appealing that I didn't look at that part. I can't do anything with e only books. Grrrrrr. I really, really want both of these titles IN HARDCOVER!!!

25538369Anderson, Laura Lee. Song of Summer
July 7th 2015 by Bloomsbury Spark
E ARC from

Robin works as a waitress in a small diner near the ritzy community of Chautauqua. She is saving her tip money for a new guitar, since she plays in a band (with ex-boyfriend Trent) and loves music. The older waitresses joke with her about finding the "perfect man" and her list of qualifications is on the staff bulletin board. When dishy Carter comes in with his friend, she thinks at first that the two are on a date, but it turns out that Carter isn't speaking because he is deaf. There is an instant attraction between the two, and Carter later rides his motorcycle back, the two exchange information, and eventually go on a date. They go to an arts festival, have picnics, and eat dinner at each other's homes. Robin learns some sign language but is somewhat intimidated when she meets Carter's family and friends. Carter appreciates that his deafness doesn't faze Robin. There is a misunderstanding near the end of the book, and the two waste the last couple of weeks of summer not speaking, reconnecting briefly at the end to reconcile, but also realize that their romance, while intense. doesn't have much of a future.
Strengths: A fabulous summer romance with gentle kisses in scenic locations, PLUS there is a lot of diversity that is there but not dwelt upon. Carter is vaguely multiracial, and his family has three adopted children, all with various stages of hearing impairment. Love the cover, love the ending, want to be able to hand this to my students in the fall.
Weaknesses: E Book only. ARRRRGGG!!!
What I really think: This is exactly what I need for my 8th grade girls-- high school type romances without sex or foul language. These are rather hard to find, which makes me even more frustrated that these aren't published as a paperback, at least.

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