Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cartoon Saturday-- Apocalypse Bow Wow

22313644Proimos, James III.  Apocalypse Bow Wow
January 6th 2015 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens

Brownie and Apollo are sure that when they get hungry enough, their people will come home, but they don't. Knowing there is no food and water in the house, they must escape, which they do by licking a doorknob and causing a deer to jump through the window. They are totally clueless, but listen to a police dog who tells them to go to a grocery store. They are warned off by a rat, who is holed up in the store with one dog, and hopes to scare them off. Brownie and Apollo are also aided by a flea who has hopped on, and who whispers gems from Sun Tzu's Art of War in their ears. They are involved in several skirmishes, and eventually make their way home, where they seem to be preparing for a second book.
Strengths: Very simple to read notebook novel; probably only one sentence per page or less. If it had an Accelerated Reader test and I have more very low readers next year, I might buy a copy.
Weaknesses: Not much of a story, and very little to actually read.
What I really think: Much preferred Petlandia-- it would appeal to children, but I found it funny as well. This was just not as clever. 

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