Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday Morning Cartoons-- Kung Pow Chicken

17981452Marko, Cyndi. Let's Get Cracking (Kung Pow Chicken #1)
January 1st 2014, Scholastic Inc. 

Second grade chicken Gordon is accidentally turned into a super hero after an accident in his Uncle Quack's lab, so he now fights crime with the help of his younger brother Benedict. When the chickens in Fowledelphia lose their feathers after eating cookies at a town fete, "Kung Pow Chicken" realize that Granny Goosebumps is behind the evil plot so that she can force other chickens to knit itchy wool sweaters for her to sell to the naked chickens. With the help of Uncle Quack, Gordon is able to catch Granny and give an antidote to all of the chickens so they grow their feathers back.
Strengths: This is from the new Scholastic "Branches" series (and there are 3 other Kung Pow Chicken books) which is aimed at emergent readers. My only children were huge fans of I Can Read Books, and this was rather like those.
Weaknesses: It bothered me that Benedict was still stuck in his shell with no explanation, and the "glowy milk" antidote could have been expressed more eloquently. This is too young for middle school.

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