Friday, December 13, 2013

Guy Friday-- Dogs of War

14830188Keenan, Sheila and Fox, Nathan. Dogs of War
October 29th 2013, GRAPHIX
E Arc from

This graphic novel contains three stories involving dogs in a war time setting. Boots is a mercy dog during World War I, and is shown at the front, trying to keep her very young handler safe in the trenches. When he is separated from his unit, he finds himself with an allied group who spend Christmas fraternizing with the Germans. Loki is a sled dog during World War II, and is stationed in Greenland. When his handler tries to save a pilot who was shot down, the two get separated from the unit and have to withstand the elements and escape detection by the Nazis. In the third story, a young boy in the impoverished South during the Vietnam conflict gets help in training his dog from a Vietname vet who is having trouble readjusting to life state side, especially since his service dog, Sheba, was left behind as 'equipment'. Notes and extensive bibliography are included.
Strengths: This reminded me a bit of the M. Zachary Sherman Bloodlines series, because there is a wealth of information about the wars AND pictures. I might as well just buy three copies right now. The short stories give an overview of the different ways dogs have been used during times of war, and will be a great starting point for some of the other books about service dogs. Very interesting and well done.
Weaknesses: Reading the 3x5 inch E Arc with the 6 point font led me to miss a lot, I'm sure. I'm also a bit afraid that this graphic novel will not hold up to the extensive wear and tear that this is sure to take.

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  1. We just got this in--the print DID look a bit small! Oh, well. This will be popular here, I'm sure. Looking forward to reading it.