Sunday, December 22, 2013

Emerald Green

17343391Gier, Kerstin. Emerald Green. 
October 8th 2013, Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

Gwen's heart has been broken by Gideon (unless it is made of marzipan, which she can then remold-- a lovely thought), but she still has work to do. She figures out that her grandfather Lucas hid another chronograph right before his death, and she manages to find it, but has to make sure her cousin Charlotte doesn't get her hands on it. This involves much unauthorized traveling about in the past, but also uncovers an additional mystery concerning Lucy and Paul. Gwen is almost killed when visiting the pass, but heals quickly, leaving Gideon to believe she may be immortal, and making him realize that he really does love her. Things are brought to a satisfying conclusion, and Gwen manages to save at least one person in the past from a bad future. Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue make a lovely set with this one.
Strengths: Time travel, intrigue, romance, hidden secrets about Gwen's true identity, fabulous cover-- what's not to like. Xemerius, Lucy, and Gwen's relatives add some enjoyable levity to the book. Admittedly, I gave up trying to make sense of the entire story and just enjoyed reading it. This is one series that would benefit from being read one book right after the other.
Weaknesses: I had no idea what was going on with the intrigue, but that's the fault of my poor comprehension skills and not the book. The Circle? Blood being read into the chronograph? No idea. But I still enjoyed the books!

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