Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ghost Town (Sara Normal #1)

Best comment of the week from a 6th grader, at lunch: "Ms. Yingling, why is it that you always look like a librarian from a movie? You know, like a REAL librarian."

Rockin' the stereotype, kiddo. Rockin' it in my pleated skirt and cardigan.

12813938Rivers, Phoebe. Ghost Town (Sara Normal #1)
1 May 2012 by Simon Spotlight 

Sara and her father move from California to the Jersey shore to live with Lady Azura, a fortune teller, and help keep up her house. Sara's mother died when she was born, and her father doesn't know that she can see ghosts and communicate with them. Her new town is filled with ghosts, and even has a "haunted house" attraction-- Midnight Manor, where David works. Sara makes friends with local kids, watched Lady Azura pretend to communicate with spirits, and manages to get a warning from a local ghost and avert a tragedy.
Strengths: This series reminded me of the P.J. Night Creepover series that my girls are liking, and the author of this, Heather Alexander, has written at least one of those titles, Are You Ready for a Scare? This was very much like Betty Ren Wright's stories, and since my copies of those books are in tatters, I think I will invest in this mildly creepy series.I sort of want to read them all RIGHT NOW, but none of our local libraries have them.
Weaknesses: I always feel bad when authors write under a pseudonymn. At least this series is available in hardcover, though, and it has great covers!

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  1. I've only read two of the later books, but it is so easy to imagine younger middle grade girls loving these!

  2. My 6th and 7th grade female students love this!