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9950587Evans, Zoe. Confessions of a Wannabe Cheerleader. 
12 July 2011, Simon Spotlight

Madison has spent her whole life practicing to be a cheerleader and follow in her mother's footsteps, but her try out for the Titans' squad is disastrous, and she gets placed instead on the Grizzlies squad, where the people who should have gotten cut end up. The Grizzlies are a group of misfits who wear moth eaten uniforms and cheer on chess teams and math competitions. Madison tries not to let this get her down. She designs new uniforms and does fund raisers to pay for them, creates cheers for her squad, and is glad when Jacqui runs afoul of the Titan cheerleaders are joins the Grizzlies squad. Madison is willing to put up with a lot in order to cheer (and hopefull catch the eye of hot soccer player Bevan), including having her mother as coach and putting up with the snooty Titans.
Strengths: This is similar to other series books like The Cupcake Diaries, and since middle school girls are fascinated by cheerleading, I think this will be popular. While sometimes goofy, I thought the situations in general were very believable, and Madison is a likeable character to whom many girls will relate.
Weaknesses: The hand writing type font was hard to read, and these are fabulous literature, but I rather enjoyed them.

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