Thursday, February 07, 2013

You Can't Come in Here

You Can't Come in Here! (You're Invited to a Creepover #2)Night, P.J. (Teitlebaum, Michael) You Can't Come in Here (Creepover #2)
7 June 2011, Simon Spotlight
Copy loaned to me by Jaida T.

Emily likes her new neighbors Drew and Vicky even though her parents are not happy with the disheveled state of their house and the fact that they haven't met Drew and Vicky's parents. Emily spends a lot of time with the siblings, but since they are homeschooled, her good friends from school haven't met them. Emily plans a start-of-summer sleepover party, but creepy things keep happening, including a howling wolf that is frequently running about Emily's yard. When she tells her new friends about these things, they always seem to discover that they are caused by explainable phenomena-- an owl or a gust of wind. Eventually, though, Emily unearths the creepy secret of her neighbors, but not soon enough to escape her own undoing!
Strengths: I've been looking into getting this set in PermaBound, because students do like creepy things like Goosebumps and Poison Apple books. There are 12 so far, so I might not get all of them. This was pleasantly creepy and would be especially good in an elementary school for precocious girls who want to read Twilight. The student who loaned me this said it was her favorite book EVER!
Weaknesses: Definitely very cheesy, and I liked the writing in the Poison Apple books a bit better.


  1. I read the first Creepover book last year and it was, as you say, pleasantly creepy. My 10 year old niece read it and was too creeped out, but a 12 year old neighbor loved it. It must be a hard decision, though, when you buy for a library.

  2. Anonymous10:35 PM EST

    I have a fifth grade girl reading these. She loves them.