Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nonfiction Monday-- War

The Vietnam War (Profiles Series #5)Polansky, Dan. The Vietnam War (Profiles #5)
1 February 2013, Scholastic Paperbacks
E ARC provided by

This Profiles series by Scholastic is fascinating. I had never heard of Ngo Dinh Diem, for example, and this book gives an overview of his life and leadership, up to his assassination. This also included Kennedy (whom I never really connected with Vietnam), Ho Chi Minh, Lyndon B. Johnson, William Westmoreland, and Henry Kissinger. Each person gets about 20 pages, describing not only his life, but his involvement with Vietnam. Each person got a different border color, and the layout and pictures were very attractive. It struck me that this would be an excellent book for Common Core purposes. Easily digestible bits on nonfiction that could go along with, for example, Chris Lynch's Vietnam series. The pages fit perfectly on the iPad and didn't have the slow loading time that some books have had. My one objection is that this series is published in paperback and there doesn't even seem to be a prebind available. Very frustrating, especially since the other books in this series are appealing as well.

Profiles #1: The Civil War - Library EditionWorld War II Along with The Civil War and World War II, there are also the books Tech Titans, Peace Warriors and Civil Champions. 

I did have one former boy tell me that while he would read just about anything on any military conflict, biographies were not high on the list, lacking as they tend to be in depictions of violence and bloodshed. While this might still be true of my young war mongers, I'm betting that most of mine will read any book with the name of the war on it so prominently., M. Zachary. Bloodlines: Heart of War
1 February 2013
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Good news for fans of this series! Instead of buying all seven pricey books (which are super short), you can get them all in one volume! This would make a great present for boys who love to read about war, and is fantastic in libraries because the stories are in order.

From the Publisher: This compilation of seven previously published works, edited to form a single narrative, follows the Donovans through four generations of American wars, from World War II to the War in Afghanistan.

It's Marvelous Middle Grade Monday at Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe and What Are You Reading? day at Teach Mentor Texts. Both sites have lots of links to reviews about books that are great for the 4th through 8th grader. It's also Nonfiction Monday, hosted this week at Shelf-Employed.


  1. Great titles! I haven't read any of these so I will check them out. In an unrelated note, I love the book tree on your header. Very cool!

  2. Profiles of War - what an ingenious concept - you're right, it just might appeal to the young warmongers who are into bloodshed and gore. I like your theme this week. We wanted to have a theme related to this previously - maybe next year. I'd definitely keep your recommendations in mind. :)

  3. Thanks for joining in Nonfiction Monday today! I’ll get all of the posts up after work today. Just curious, does the Heart of War come in library binding, or is that paperback as well?

  4. The rest of the Profile series sounds so good- it is too bad it doesn't come in a hardcover or bound. My students loveThe Civil War an WWII books you mentioned. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I think my last comment didn't go through- so I am trying again. :)

    I had no idea there were more books in the Profile series. I have The Civil War and WWII and I will have to look for the others. My 5th grade students love them. I agree that having them with hardcovers would be even better! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I personally have a difficult time reading books about war but these look great for boys!

  7. Interesting list. Thanks for the recommendations.
    Apples with Many Seeds

  8. Found you through Non Fiction Roundup. Thats an impressive list. Will put this on our Goodreads Shelf for later reading.