Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday-- Super GALS

Dark StarFrenette, Emily. Dark Star.
23 October 2012, Disney Hyperion

Audrey is cool with the fact that her mother is a superhero, Morning Star, who spends most of her evenings fighting evil in Minneapolis while pretending to work as a security guard. Audrey misses her grandmother, who has recently passed away, and hangs out with her good friends Gideon and Tink, and knows that she has some powers of her own, but nothing like the powers that her mother has. She is annoyed by her mother's "sidekick", Leon, who moves into their house in order to babysit Audrey. When Audrey is attacked at a local club after the death of a classmate, she finds out more about her mother-- Morning Star isn't just a super hero who keeps the city safe from criminals, she is a renowned demon fighter, and now the demons are attacking all of the Kin Audrey's age, looking for one with certain talents. What are the Kin? Audrey's one, but her mother hasn't wanted to explain, so takes her off to her father's mother, Esther, to learn about her relatives and the powers they hold. Her cousins Iris and  Elspeth are glad to finally meet her, ad Audrey is glad to have some insight into her own abilities as well as what happened to the father her mother has refused to discuss. When the killings increase, the local police are led to Audrey's door, and all of Audrey's family and Kin work to figure out what is going on. I feel a sequel in the offing.
Strengths: Well, the superhero fighting demons was a nice twist, and this was a good action and romance packed book that I think will appeal to girls who liked Die for Me, A Girl Named Digit, Always a Witch, and some of the paranormal-y books like Blue Bloods and City of Ashes. I'll definitely purchase this.
Weaknesses: The romances between high school girls and college guys always bother me as a mother, I think, and the girls will think "oh, he's just four years older". Nothing inappropriate. The ending seemed a little rushed.

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