Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Library Blather

So, what's going on in the library? Planning my Scholastic Warehouse trip for December requires a bit of paperwork and planning, not to mention work for my lovely volunteers (I have one every day!) when I get books that need mylar, cards and pockets, etc.

Weeding of books and cleaning out of defunct equipment is fairly well done for now, so when March rolls around and I feel a need to clean, I can concentrate on emptying a cabinet that locks so that Mimios can be stored safely for the summer. Note to new librarians-- if you are straightening up and find equipment that you can't quite get rid of, label the box you put it in with a DATE. I found a sealed envelope marked "Keys to things we can't figure out, 6/03", and I figured that we could safely discard said envelope.

Last book order of the year with district money. This takes a HUGE amount of time, as I go back and forth between Baker and Taylor and Follett, trying to get the best price but knowing the fill rate at Baker and Taylor will mean many books don't come. I've been looking at lexile levels, coordinating nonfiction with curriculum, completing series-- this is what I spend most of my time doing at home, and I STILL do work in odd moments when I can at work.

Monitoring study hall and making sure the students in it and keeping up with all their homework. Have to love (or hate) PowerSchool for this reason.E Mailing parents about students who seem to need extra help.

Having about 35 language arts classes per week come to the library for brief (3-5 minutes) instruction and checking out books. Making sure study hall students have something to read. Checked out 237 books yesterday, but it was a slow day. Walked six and a half miles during the school day. No joke.

There are other things, but since the custodian just turned on the cafeteria lights, I need to get hopping and check to see what students have grossly overdue books and need my help to find them, usually under their beds or in the top shelves of their lockers.

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