Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Justin Case

Vail, Rachel. Justin Case: Shells, Smells and the Horrible Flip-Flops of Doom.
8 May 2012, Feiwel and Friends
Nominated for the Cybils by ntalan

Justin is back, and is finding the summer even more challenging than third grade. He's not going to a science camp this year-- he's going to a regular camp for kids who like to run around. He has to change to swim, wear flip flops, and eat in the mess hall. He also gets involved with some of the other boys in a game of "knuckles", which results in his own always being in a painful state. His parents are proud of him for trying new things, but when they find our about "knuckles", offer to take him out and put him in science camp instead. Justin decides to stay at the camp and try to get along, participating in color war and overcoming his various fears.
Strengths: I absolutely adore Rachel Vail's teen novels. They are excellent. This had its funny moments, and younger elementary students will like Justin and the pictures. This is great for fans of Alvin Ho or Mason Dixon. Ms. O liked it much more than I did.
Weaknesses:  All I could think was "Shouldn't Justin be evaluated?" I'm a little unsure of the audience for this. Will "normal" kids want to read about a kid who has such problems? Would they laugh at him? I was glad to see that Justin was trying to overcome his various fears-- who knows?


  1. What really annoyed me about Justin Case (and I so regret buying it) was the length. For a book whose main audience is 2nd/3rd graders, 200 pages is 100 pages too many.

  2. This sounds charming...but the comment above gives me pause. Perhaps I can use this book with my collaborative kids?

  3. My 4th graders actually liked the first Justin Case. I didn't know there was another. Thank you.