Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Sister's Stalker

Springer, Nancy. My Sister's Stalker.
2012, Holiday House.

In this very slim volume (93 pages), Rig misses his older sister Karma (or Kari), who is away at college. He tries to contact her, but she won't pick up her phone, and when Rig does an internet search for her, he finds a very creepy web site that has many intimate pictures of his sister posted. His mother (who had custody of him; his father had Kari) finds it charming and romantic, but Rig is freaked out enough that he contacts his father. When they still can't get her, the well-to-do father arranges a private plane for them to fly to her college. They do locate her, but the postings on the web site escalate, and after Rig is attacked by the stalker while trying to figure out who he is, things get worse. Kari is kidnapped, and the race is on to identify her stalker and to locate the two before tragedy occurs.
Strengths: Students like scary books, and this is just creepy enough that reluctant readers will be drawn to it. This author's Blood Trail is popular for students who HAVE to read a mystery, and I can see this one fitting the same needs.
Weaknesses: Circumstances line up a bit too easily, but it makes for an easy read. There was a weird section at the end where Rig tells his dad he finds his sister sexually attractive that was just creepy and kind of inappropriate. The sister is almost raped but isn't, and this is discussed. I don't know that either of these things will prevent me from buying the book, but it would have been better if they weren't in there.

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