Monday, July 16, 2012

Middle Grade Monday--Victory

Jablonski, Carla, illustrated by Leland Purvis. Victory, (Resistance #3)
17 July 2012, First Second

French sibling Paul, Marie and Sophie are still working against the Nazis that are occupying their town, each in their own ways. Paul is a messenger who risks being out after curfew, Marie is "dating" a soldier in order to get information, and Sophie is unhappy to be so young that people don't think she can help-- until she finds a downed pilot carrying a critical message and is instrumental in saving him and helping get the message delivered. While they are struggling with missing their father as well as their neighbor, Henri, the Resistance is struggling with hos they should continue; whenever they sabotage the Nazis, the Nazis retaliate by killing randomly chosen civilians. Is the sabotage worth the cost of these lives, and will it bring the war to an end any sooner? The war does end eventually, and we are able to see what happens to the village and family afterwards. An author's note at the end gives more historical details.
Strengths: This series of graphic novels is an excellent choice for reluctant readers who are assigned to read about the Holocaust. They are rich in historical detail as well as the emotional and psychological conundrums that the characters suffer.
Weaknesses: I wish I had a traditional novel about the French resistance with this much detail for my students who do not like to read graphic novels!

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