Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Popular Clone

Castle, M.E. Popular Clone.
Fisher Bas ia a Geek Extraordinaire. His parents are both well-regarded scientists, and his mother is working on a supersecret growth hormone project. Fisher doesn't have much success at school and is mercilessly bullied by boys he refers to as "the Vikings". This only person who makes his life bearable is his science teacher, Mr. Granger, who saves him and feeds him lunch. Fisher's pet pig is his solace at home, since his parents are always working. Things improve when Fisher manages, after a series of experiments, to clone himself. He sends Two to school, but Two is not the rule follower that Fisher is, and starts to have a small modicum of popularity. Two is also really smart and more daring than Fisher. When Fisher's mother's project is endangered by the evil Dr. X, Fisher must find a way to save her withouth revealing that he made a clone. A rolicking romp, which includes a ninja suit for the pig, ensues, and a sequel may well be in the offing.
Strengths: This humorous tale also has a lot of action, and some nerd empowerment.
Weaknesses: While students like this kind of book, they drive me crazy. Again with the bullies putting people in toilets! The cloning makes this science fiction, but it still strains my credulity. I was also really bothered by the adult who betrayed Fisher. Still, will chant to self "Students will like. Students will like."

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