Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Last Musketeer-- Time Slip Tuesday

Gibbs, Stuart. The Last Musketeer.
Greg and his parents are traveling to Paris, but it isn't really a vacation. In order to survive financially, they are selling many family heirlooms to the Louvre, even though Greg's grandfather told them not to. The museum director is particularly keen to get Greg's mother's crystal necklace, even ripping it off her neck when she decides to keep it. The reason? He has the other half, and when the parts are reunited, all four are sent back in time to Paris in 1615. There, the director accuses the family of attempting to assassinate the king, and they are sent to jail. Greg manages to escape and gain sanctuary in a church, and is later befriended by Aramis, Porthos and Athos! Greg has his great-great grandfather's diary with him, and hopes that it will uncover the mystery, especially when he begins to think that the museum director and Richlieu are connected. Can he uncover the code in the diary, understand his family's background, and save his parents?
Strengths: Good historical information about the living conditions during this time period, and a fair amount of action and adventure. I've often said that The Three Musketeers is a good story that needs to be retold for modern tastes.
Weaknesses: This will be a hard sell, especially since it is very clearly the first book in a series. As much as I love time travel, students wrinkle their nose at it. I preferred this author's Belly Up, for the mystery and the unique and interesting setting.

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