Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Grumpy Librarian

Am I the only librarian who has an odd urge to scream when the fortieth child of the day asks for The Hunger Games? I spent my morning processing nine new Suzanne Collins' books that I bought with my own money because the demand was ridiculous. But really, people. There are 11,030 OTHER books in the library. Just because the movie is coming out doesn't make the book the only thing to read.

This is why I was so happy when a 7th grade girl told me that she sat up for three hours reading Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones (Head, 1967). That was the first book I was allowed to check out from the public library's adult collection, so I've never been able to get rid of it.

The huge number of overdues is making me grumpy. It's almost break! Students should be getting new books instead of hording titles they've had out for a month in their lockers. So I made up a song. I intend to sing it with a nasal twang, to the tune of Achey Breaky Heart.

You can check out Squire or maybe Catching Fire.
You can check out Copper Sun.
Or you can check out Rats, or The Cat in the Hat,
Or even Korman's On the Run.

Or check out Summer Ball or The Door in the Wall.
Or you can check out Icebound Land.
Or check out Devil's Breath, or maybe Reef of Death,
Or Slob, Holes, Dune, Pop or Canned.

But check when they're due, they might be overdue,
and that is worse than anything.
So if your book is due, please bring it to renew
Or else I might just have to sing.


  1. Love your songs! You should record and put them on Youtube.

  2. Even readers are herd animals. What one reads, they all read.

  3. I loved your song! You should make a YouTube video out of it! :)
    I remember reading MR. AND MRS. BO JO JONES! Now I feel as if I need to swing down to the library so I can re-read it!

  4. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to giggle out loud at your pain. ;]

    Good luck!

  5. Your songs are wonderful! I am having an outburst of Hunger Games requests too, even after the movie. Glad I am not not the only librarian going out to buy high demand, I want it right now books with my own money.

    Your blog is amazing. Thank you for the helpful reviews and the music!