Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Still need to nominate for the Cybils?

Ack! I FINALLY found a copy of Rich Wallace's War and Watermelon to read, and it was great! If anyone still needs to nominate for Middle Grade fiction, it involves history, football, baseball AND Woodstock. Another one that was really good was Avi's City of Orphans. Mystery and a historical time period. I was also really excited to see that John Wilson has a new book out about World war I. Any author who firmly believes that all books for boys should start with explosions is number one in my book! It's been nominated already, but there doesn't seem to be a copy anywhere in the state of Ohio. Drat.

Obsessed? Why, no, I wouldn't say that the Cybils books have taken over all of my non school hours at all!

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  1. OK, I'm there for you. I haven't read much new middle grade fiction this year.