Thursday, October 27, 2011

Public Service Announcment

A school near you wants your trash. Not random stuff, but nonetheless something you would throw away or recycle:
Box Tops For Education Logo
We're talking LABELS! Those little labels on your box of Cheerios mean 10 cents to me. That new electric pencil sharpener and three hole punch on my desk? Campbells labels. Thanks to my students and some very motivated volunteers, my library earned $800 this October to put towards books.

If you pass by a school in your daily travels, or don't live far from one, contact them about donating labels. If they don't collect them, chances are good they will know someone who does. For extra credit, sign up at the Boxtops for Education website: And select a school you want to benefit from your activity. There are several daily bonus boxtops offers you can enter with a click of the mouse, and your school (or in the 43081 zip code, Blendon Middle School!) could win several hundred dollars in contests.

And Campbells? (Plus Avery Labels, Dannon, Glad, Emerald nuts!) If I can collect 1,600,000 labels, we can buy a minivan. Really! I don't know what we would do with it, but I think we could make the local news if we could do it! I got a bit distracted by their "academic" offerings, like we used to with the Green Stamps catalog. Do I want a minifridge, a greenhouse, or my very own battery run bull horn?

So get clipping! A child somewhere will be glad you did.

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  1. I just signed up with BoxTops4Education! I've been too lazy to save my box tops but I'm going to be good about it from here on out. My local Elementary School really needs it.

    BTW: I awarded you the Liebster Award on my blog, DogEar. Thanks for blogging. I really enjoy your reviews.