Monday, October 17, 2011

Nonfiction Monday

Harrison, Olivia. George Harrison: Living in the Material World.
Published by Abrams Books.

It's hard to believe that George Harrison passed away almost ten years ago. I've been looking for a nice Enslow or ABDO biography of him, since there is perennial interest in anyone related to The Beatles. No such luck. This book, put together by Harrison's wife, includes postcards, notes, original drafts of lyrics, photographs taken by Harrison himself, and plentiful quotes from Harrison as well as friends, family members, and associates. I loved how the book started with pictures of bombed out buildings in Liverpool-- it's easy to forget that the Beatles were products of the aftermath of World War II. This is a huge, gorgeous book that shows little known facets of Harrison's life in a sympathetic light. This is not necessarily a book that would be useful to my students, and since it has a $40 price tag I will pass, but it is a great read if your favorite Beatle is George.


  1. This is Carl from the Boys Rule Boys Read blog. I've awarded you the Liebster blog award--take a look at last Friday's post. (BTW, sorry I've never responded to your gauntlet-throw-down. Life is very busy at the library these days!

  2. I bet Beatles fans at my school would love it! I'll pass along this info to my librarian. :-)