Friday, August 12, 2011

Goal Line-- Personality Leakage

Technically, this is the last day of vacation, and I am hereby declaring that I have met all of my goals! I wanted to run 100 miles, read 70 books, and sew 50 quilt tops. I have:

Run 102 miles!
Sewn 53 quilt tops!
Read 112 books!

I'm ready to go back to school because resident teenagers keep asking me questions like
"Why are you making chili?" (I was going to bathe in it)
In the line at the grocery store"What should I do with the coupons? (Roll them up and stick them in your ear.)
"Why would I take frozen grapes to school?" (To put between your toes in case they hurt.)

Really, people! It's so busy at work that people only ask me about books. And, oddly, whether I have bandages and tissues. It will be an interesting year, because out of 19 schedules Sustained Silent Reading group visits, 13 are during two periods of the day. Oh, well. Still in my library, and this year we don't have to wait for carpet until the day before the students come.

I hope that everyone else had a productive summer. I was greatly motivated by two fellow bloggers-- Kathy at The Brain Lair who was also reading a Book a Day (sponsored by Donalyn Miller, The Book Whisperer), and Aaron Mauer at Coffee for the Brain, who is training to run a marathon. He could probably run my measly 102 miles in a week!

Count on more regular book reviews and hopefully, less personality leakage once school starts!


  1. Congratulations on meeting your goals! Good luck with the new school year.

  2. Kudos for meeting all your goals! Also, have a great school year!


  3. Congrats on 112 books! That's awesome. I have a goal to read 60 per year--you've doubled it. I hope you have a wonderful school year.

  4. Way to go! Here's hoping you have an excellent school year.

  5. But what if we LIKE your "personality leakage"?! Have a great year; I'll miss seeing you regularly.