Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Kacvinksy, Katie. Awaken.
Parents just make things difficult. In 2060, this is certainly the case for Madeleine. Because of violence and problems in schools, there are no more public schools-- everyone attends school on-line, thanks to Madeleine's father, who runs the national school system. The students are not all happy with this (although parents are) because they miss talking to other humans. At one point in the past, Madeleine hacked into her father's computer files to help an underground movement blow up some of the school equipment, which took people off-line and got her placed under house arrest. When she meets Justin, actually in person, she is drawn to him, but conflicted when he turns out to be part of another movement to "unplug" the digital school, and wants to use her to help the movement. What is more important to Madeleine-- family or freedom?

Strengths: Brilliant and fascinating concept, especially in light of all of the things happening to public schools. Could this happen some day? Will I have to become a virtual librarian? All the more chilling because it seems plausible. People are very plugged in, and this exploration of whether this is really working is interesting.

Weaknesses: This got off to a good start but fell apart at the end. Things stopped happening. Older Daughter did read this one and enjoyed it, but also thought that it needed a sequel, which is in fact coming. I am growing weary of series, and think that this might have been a tighter story if kept to one book. Will need to read the sequel to find out what happens, though!

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