Thursday, January 27, 2011

Library Day in the Life #3- Wednesday

Just unusual things and amusing recommendations today! Same amount of SSR classes as Tuesday. Worked on book orders on and off all day, checking shelves, lost books, making sure I didn’t have duplicates between two vendors.

1st period:

  • Wiping down four books which seem to have been dropped in the mud.
  • Putting together a “quick” teacher collection on planets
  • Scary book for which I had four copies: R.L. Stine’s Broken Date.
  • Finding a book “about drugs” with two copies for readers of Beauty Queen: Answer: Go Ask Alice.

2nd period

A 7th grade language arts teacher and I have been working on a nonfiction book project. Many of her children are in changing out their nonfiction books.

  • “Do you have any books about real werewolves?”
  • “Do you have a nonfiction chapter book?” Why, yes! Why don’t you try Behind Enemy Lines?” “But I don’t want anything that really happened.”
  • Had several students pay fines. Threats are working.

3rd period

  • Do you have any wrestling books? (Takedown, Wrestling Sturbridge, Wrestling with Honor. All I have. Can’t find anything more but Martino’s Pinned, which is more of a high school book. )
  • Do you have any skateboarding books? Skate Freak, Fakie, Skater Stunt Boys, some Matt Christopher.)
  • Trying to fix the hydraulics on my new desk chair, which goes down five inches on a whim. Duct tape is the answer. Working well so far.

4th period

  • Language arts students in researching family names and creating documents with pictures as a watermarked background.
  • “Any problem novel as long as it’s short”: Lipsyte’s Yellow Flag. (“I love Nascar! How did you know? “The race car on your t shirt.”)
  • Visiting students during lunch to remind them about overdues.

5th period

  • “Do you have a book on planets?” “Did Mr. B. tell you he had all my books?” “Yes, but I thought you might have some.” Luckily, I kept the encyclopedias.
  • Working with students to find the addresses of authors for another language arts project.
  • New high school helper in for training.

6th period

  • “Do you have any books that are funny, action/adventure, AR and really, really short?” (Maybe not. My brain overloaded at one point. But I did.)
  • Fixed two library shelves that tipped over, dumping entire contents on floor.

7th period

Oddly quiet, which allows me to regroup for tomorrow. Language Arts students are typing fractured fairy tales. Try to help student find “fairy tale sound effects” for presentation. Alternate assessment for some of our students in the multiple handicapped unit.

The vast majority of my day is spent with students who come up to me and say forlornly that they need a book and they don’t know what they want. They usually leave with something that’s not too painful!

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