Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Library Day in the Life #2: Tuesday

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5:00 am.: Polishing coffee pots, cleaning chaos in back room, scouring counter and sink.
Preparing work for volunteers, including spending a long time trying to get bar code lables to print.
5:30: Checking e mail, blogging, routing new magazines, making actual notes for library lesson to keep on file. This week: Why Ms. Yingling will creepily stalk you if you have an overdue book! (Answer: Because you probably need something new to read.)
6:30: Visiting other blogs for suggestions, working on final book orders for March.
7:45: Library opens
8:00: SSR1
9:06: SSR2
9:40: SSR3
9:56 SSR4
11:16: SSR5
12:12 p.m.: SSR6
12:30-1:00. Lunch. Bug 8th graders about overdues on way.
1:12: SSR8 and my own SSR of 10 students assigned to library.
1:58: Nothing scheduled. Study hall students a bit later. Just containing chaos and getting ready for the next day.
3:00: Faculty meeting
4:00 : Head home
7:00-9:00 Read

After all SSRs, study hall students and students from other groups come in for books and use the computers for projects and research. I figure 25 for each SSR (except 6th period, which is always 30+) and another 25-30 from other groups. Most of the students want help in picking out or finding books, so I frequently am running around the library with lines of children behind me. I feel so loved.

My goal at the end of each period is to have checked in all books, filed all cards and answered all e mails. This rarely happens on Tuesday. I had one parent volunteer in the morning to shelve and weed, and one in the afternoon to shelve and glue books back together!

And yes, the cards are necessary. The Destiny circulation system combined with student helpers and busy days means that a lot of books do NOT get checked out on the computer. When books are about two weeks overdue, I go through the cards to make sure they were actually on the computer, and have to explain to children about why I didn't send them an overdue slip.

Found Middle Grade Book Challenge at Cindy's Love of Books. She only had six people entered, and I know that many of you out there are up for this one! Hop over and take a look!

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  1. Anonymous10:55 AM EST

    Another busy day! And it could be the week of troublesome barcodes? On Monday same thing happened at our library...kept getting an error message that would not go away. Had to leave it in the hands of the tech who created the programme for us.

    Will for sure hop over to Cindy's blog. Thanks!