Friday, August 27, 2010

Okay. Evil Giggle.

I have been thinking about getting an E Book reader for myself, but have hesitated because I never spend money on books for myself, so it's worthless until I can check E Books out of the library. So I was delighted by the Wall Street Journal article on e book readers.

Nevermind that fact that I have books on the shelf that were here when the building was built in 1969 (The Black Pearl by Scott O'Dell, most notably). Do we have any technology from 1969 that still works?

Actually, a record player and an opaque projector. Let me see if I can get a student to listen to the record version of Wrinkle in Time today.

Later: And I am NOT making this up. Would you believe that one of the 6th graders, without any help at all from me, found the VERY COPY that I referenced this morning and brought it up to the check out in all its rebound glory? I opened it to show her the accession date that was stamped on the title page-- August 1969. I know she didn't read my blog because we are still operating without computers!


  1. I have a Nook and so far the only things I have on it are free classics and library books. I have yet to purchase a book for it, though I suppose one day I might. I love it for the purposes I use it for, but still love the feel and smell of a real book.


  2. Yeah, that new Kindle sure is tempting. But I can walk to my public libray and now that I have my own library, I have more than enough stuff to read for free. If I traveled more I could justify it to myself, but it's cheaper and better for the environment for me to just hike it back and forth to the library!

  3. My library got a Kindle as part of some technology grant someone farther up in the system wrote. Weeks later, we're still trying to get it to work properly - it's definitely not designed for library use!
    Playaways were a big hit at our library and people - esp. kids - are always asking why we don't have more of them. I keep explaining that A. they cost approx. double a regular audiobook and B. we've had to send about half of them back b/c they consistently die.

  4. At the risk of sounding un-librarian, I will admit that I received a Kindle as a gift two Christmases ago, and I LOVE it. I was taking grad school classes, and all of those YA books were easier to carry with me in that format! (And when I read your blog and others, I can IMMEDIATELY purchase most of the books. My husband will probably tell you that part ISN'T so great, but it makes me happy!) That being said, I also love the feel and smell of real paper books, so I'm not ENTIRELY converted!