Sunday, August 29, 2010


Collins, Suzanne. Mockingjay.
It's official. My soul has died, my mojo is gone. I had a copy of Mockingjay that someone loaned to me, so I couldn't loan it to anyone else, and I actually fell asleep reading it. On the front porch. At 2 p.m. Sitting up.

The reviews I have seen of this book have all been positive; it has been hailed as the best book in the trilogy. The writing was fine, the story progressed well enough, and the ending, while a bit contrived, seemed to make sense. So why did I have such trouble finishing it? I stopped liking Katniss. Peeta appeared very seldom, and when he did, he was altered. Gale didn't fight hard enough for Katniss. The prep team, the Capitol, Alma Coin-- everyone seemed to become annoying to me. The rebellion stopped making sense, somehow.

Will work this week at finding mojo. It is no doubt in the same box with my rubber bands. Here are some people who did not have to fight unconsciousness to finish the book, and who provide much nicer reviews:

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  1. In case you are feeling alone: my husband, who read the first two books avidly, was forcing himself to finish Mockingjay today. I got into finding out what would happen (didn't have to force myself to read), but was ultimately underwhelmed. It did make me more excited for Monsters of Men, coming in September, though. Ness ratcheted up the action in Book 2, while also writing pretty profoundly about the nature of evil.

  2. I stopped liking her too... having already posted my review I'm still not happy with it... maybe when I don't feel like I will be spoiling someone's enjoyment I can get out there and air all of my issues... maybe.

  3. I can understand your feelings. There were definitely parts I didn't like. But, I'm still sticking with satisfaction, for the most part. Hopefully you'll find something to pick you up :)

  4. I generally lose interest in series after the first book or two. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc. etc...I seem to have lost the knack of enjoying a series from beginning to end. *shrug* all the more time to find new authors!

  5. I just finished it, and was also disappointed in it. It did hold my interest throughout the books, but I didn't like the characters very much, and am angry about much of the last part.