Monday, August 23, 2010

Almost there!

Here is the new circulation desk! All in place except for internet access, but I have a netbook set up. The security gate is not in yet, but the reference materials are all ready to roll, and we'll be open for check out the first day (this Wednesday). All of the 6th graders are scheduled to come in (219?) and I'll try to get books to study hall students when possible.

Do like the 4' high shelves because I can see over the top! The books are a little low-- if you recall, when I polled students, they wanted one row of books all around the library at their eye level, which would have given us a very interesting looking library. We are working on reshelving books that were out to a summer program, and the shelves are not quite in the right order, but again; ready to roll.

The rest of the library... not so much. There was a problem obtaining all of the carpet, hence the temporary gray. I am hoping that will be installed today or tomorrow so that we can get the tables in place and the chairs brough in from the cafeteria. The nonfiction is along the walls (also to the left in the picture), and the fiction is all on finished carpet, so that is a big plus.

Computers may be awhile, which will make research projects a bit challenging, but I'm sure it won't be long.