Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Wonderland

We didn't have school on Tuesday or Wednesday because of about a foot of snow. The worst part? I was stuck with nothing to read but the very end of my TBR pile, which I really never wanted to read. This included Westerfeld's Pretties, Specials, and Extras as well as too many D.J. MacHale Bobby Pendragon books, numbers 4 through 9, I think. The good news is that I got them all read; the bad news is that I didn't enjoy them and can't remember much about them, other than that the language in the Westerfeld got to be sick-making after a while. The ever fabulous Rick Riordan recently said that five books was good for a series. So right.

Glad to be back at school, and a little alarmed that all I can think is "This is snow? You haven't seen anything. Why, I remember the winter of '78, when we were only in school for three days that January and the snow fence that Father put up in the front yard was completely buried!" If you remember The Winter of '78, try saying that phrase a couple of times and see how old it makes you feel. I wanted to scan the great picture of my father standing next to our mailbox in his groovy, all-polyester fisherman's sweater, the one that highlighted his neato sideburns, but the best I could do was this picture from If this hadn't been credited to Greg Carbin and shown Barnard, VT, I would have thought this was my mother. She had that jacket.

Oh, and you have to love the Boys Rule! Boys Read take on the Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger award. Check out their revised version:


  1. I remember the winter of '78! We lived off a long driveway that had to be plowed. My brother and I built tunnels in the big snow drifts and tried to get our parents to let us sleep in them igloo-style. That night the blizzard hit and we would have been popsicles! When we got back to school we could roll out of the second story window down a big snow drift! It was awesome!

  2. Reading nine books of a series you don't like (it sounds like?) is a big commitment. I usually try to read the first in a series, so that I'll know something about it, but if I don't personally care for it, the first one fulfills my librarian responsibilities, and enables me to discuss the series with kids. It sounds like we might have opposing tastes, in fact, because I read and enjoyed all four Uglies books, but only read The Lightning Thief of that series.

    Now I bet when the snow warnings hit, you'll be checking your books as well as your pantry.

  3. Wow! That looks like it was some storm! I know what you mean about the language in the Uglies series. I read them not all in a row. I think that helped.

  4. I can't imagine getting to the bottom of my TBR pile, so I salute you - no matter how sick-making the language became. (I have become a fan of the emotion-dash-making style as it fits with so many things in such a concise way.)