Thursday, February 04, 2010

Because we all need a little congratulations

Kelly at The Cazzy Files awarded me a Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award. There are some stipulations to "spread the joy", which I'm happy to follow:
Thank the person who gave this to you.
• Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
• Link the person who nominated you.
• Name seven things about yourself that no one would really know.
• Nominate ten “Sugar Dolls.”
• Post links to the ten blogs you nominate.
• Leave a comment on each letting them know you nominated them.

I try to visit a variety of blogs, but the ones below are the ones I end up visiting most often and amuse me the most. Given the agressive pinkness of this logo, I have to nominate some "guy" blogs!

Carl, Darth Bill and Jedi Zack at Boys Rule Boys Read!
Bibliovore at Confessions of a Bibliovore
Everyone at The Brown Bookshelf
Karen and Bill at Literate Lives
Adam Selzer at Adam Selzer
David at The Excelsior File
Mr. H at SMS Guys Read
Everyone at Color Online
Mr. K at Mister K Reads
Jim at TeacherNinjas

Ten facts about me? Does anyone care?
  1. I ride my bike to work.
  2. I can sew, knit and quilt.
  3. I read three hours a night.
  4. Worked as a giant chicken for Chick-fil-A.
  5. All my clothes come from the thrift store.
  6. My dog treats me better than my children do.
  7. Have a hopeless addiction to Barry's Irish tea.
  8. Feel bad about spending 8 cents a tea bag for said tea.
  9. Have read almost all the books in my middle school library.
  10. Am very uncomfortable starting too many sentences with "I"!


  1. Hi Ms. Yingling,

    Thank you so much! I wasn't on more than in passing this week. I'm happy to do this but will post on my personal blog so I don't push our book discussion off the page too quickly.

    Again, thank you.

  2. Hey Ms. Yinling,

    Thanks for the mention in your blog, I am honored to be amoung such a powerful list of KidLit bloggers.

    I have a PageFlakes feedreader full of blogs, many of them found through your great blog.

    Here are a few author favorites...Neil Gaiman, Alan Gratz, Scott Westerfeld, Joshua Mowll, Roland Smith and of course Rick Riordan.

    I also enjoy Boys Rule, Boys Read along with The Reading Zone, Reading Rumpus, TeacherNinja, Confessions of a Bibliovore and Guys Read (where it all started so many years ago).

    From time to time I surf over to Boing Boing, they sometimes have some cool YA .

    Thanks again for the mention. I will show the guys when we meet again on the 16th.

    Read On,
    Mr. H

  3. honored, i am, by your recognition, especially in light of the fact that we don't always agree on books! sorry i'm only now trying to catch up with my blogging life.

    actually, that's not entirely true. i've been busy with my *other* blog were i'm attempting (for the next four or five weeks!) to pry the lid off what makes books "boy friendly."

    i like your list of blogs you frequent - lots of new places for me to check out!

    as my patron saint eyeore says: thanks for noticin' me.