Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fluffy versus Scary

After reading a ton of "boy" books, I very much enjoyed Kristina Springer's The Espressologist. Jane, who has finished most of her high school courses but art and is taking two classes at the local community college, is made assistant manager at the Wired Joe's coffee shop where she works. While there, she keeps notes on the personality traits that she associates with certain types of coffee. When it occurs to her that two of her regulars would be compatible, she starts to pair other people up according to their favorite drinks. Her boss thinks this is a great way for their branch to earn more money, gives Jane Friday night matchmaking sessions, to which the news eventually comes. But how well can Jane match herself up?

This has all the nutritive value of a low fat, no sugar decaf latte, but has all the fun of a triple chocolate mochachino with caramel syrup. And I'm a tea drinker, so these things may not exist! My only complaints-- Jane doesn't pay enough attention to school, which is a bit disturbing, as is the somewhat creepy cover with the face-- I can only imagine that Starbucks complained about the pretty yellow and pink cover, which I like much better. Sure, this book takes a certain suspension of disbelief, but it's a great romance book.

Neal Shusterman's Creeping Darkness: Twenty Twisted Tales was a great collection of psychological horror that will still go out to the kids who think horror is only blood and gore because of the creepy cover. I especially liked the short explanation of the genesis of each story, and the tale of the evil quilt really creeped me out. My only disappointment is that there are apparently several other short story collections that I have missed (MindBenders, MindStorms, MindQuakes and MindTwisters) which are mostly out of print. Darn. My son adores this author's work.

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  1. I've got the ESPRESSOLOGIST on hold at the library and can't wait till it comes in! It looks adorable, but I do prefer the non-face cover much better.