Friday, December 11, 2009


In preparation for the library renovation in summer 2010, parent volunteers and I have been weeding. I have to tell myself repeatedly that with 13,000 books, there are bound to be some I haven't seen, but really, every single, solitary day I seem to come across some dusty tome that hasn't been checked out since 1978. It makes me want to sit on the floor in the stacks and weep. Gems this week included:

Alcoholism. 1975. Our secretary nailed the date on this one due to the rainbow effect title. I'm thinking treatments have changed.

Conservation of Energy. 1978. At least it's after the last energy crisis.

Drug Testing. 1987. Oh, look! Yuppies on cocaine and cups for them to pee into!

Bake Bread! 1976. The black and white pictures make the bread look soooo appetizing. Can we say "bread machine"?

And really-- what were they thinking? The Wonders of the World of the Albatross? 1974. There was a whole series, including The Wonders of Woodchucks and The Wonders of Field Mice. Nearby was Chipmunks on the Doorstep. When did the albatross last leave the shelf? 1979.

Now I Know Better: Kids Tell Kids About Safety is only 13 years old, but has never left the shelf. I don't know why. The back cover has this quote: "I learned not to put my eyes near any sharp objects and I would advise you to do the same." Doesn't everyone need to read this?

And 1991's Food includes this sentence: "Most people are getting used to the idea of microwaved food because it is so quick and easy." Hmmm. I got used to that idea in 1974 when my mother got a microwave. Oooh. The book pongs, too.

Rule #1 of weeding: Anything that pongs (SMELLS!! Good British word!), goes.


  1. Good for you! There are so many books we need to weed in our library. I'm starting with astronomy...

  2. I've weeded over 3000 books in the last few years, and sadly I still have about 3000 more I could send on their way to the book graveyard in the sky...A move is surely great motivation to get the job done, though! Best of luck! Enjoy your holiday :)

  3. What is ponging?? -Becky of WPL

  4. These are hilarious. We have oodles and scads of books just like these we are shoveling out the door as fast as we can.