Monday, December 14, 2009

Cupcake Party!

I hope Chelsey at The Page Flipper tells more about the great cupcake party she had, because I have forgotten most of the bloggers' names!(Except The Book Cellar.) I do know that in the bottom right corner we have Rhonda Stapleton, Linda Gerber (standing) and me (in the green coat). J.T. Dutton, author of Freaked also came, so I'll have to find a copy of her book to read.

My daughter came with us, and won a copy of Rhonda's new book, Stupid Cupid, so I got to read it! It was almost as much fun as Rhonda herself. (But she was SUCH a hoot-- I don't think there is a way to put that kind of energy on paper!) Felicity needs a job, and gets hired on by Cupid's Hollow to match up couples her own age. The catch-- cupids are real, and by using a magic PDA, she connects couples by email. She bends the rules a little, matching one of her friends up with three guys, and matching her parents up as well. The real trick to being a cupid is to match people with similar interests, because after about two weeks, the magic infatuation ends. Felicity is not allowed to fix herself up with anyone, but she's doing a pretty good job attracting Derek, a boy on whom she has a huge crush.

Only two complaints about this book-- I have to wait until March for the second one, and it's really not a middle grade novel because of some drinking and some disturbing effects of Felicity using her Cupid powers on her parents. I'll certainly read them all, though, and watch Ms. Stapleton's career with interest.


  1. LOL YAYYYYY I had such a GREAT time meeting you! :D Thanks for posting the pic and for reading my story!!!

  2. I also really enjoyed meeting you. It was a fun afternoon.
    Jen Dutton