Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Tyne O’Connell--Pulling Princes(2004), Stealing Princes(2005)

On the upside—both of these books had great covers, and were about a private girls’ school in the UK. The main character, Calypso, has a budding but rocky relationship with the prince. There was a lot of fencing in them, and you don't find that every day. Also, the books were a dollar each at a warehouse sale. They will circulate well with fans of Louise Rennison and Cathy Hopkins.

On the downside—they got to be a bit repetitive. If the housemother’s dog made wee on the girls beds again, I might have screamed. There was also a lot of smoking and drinking involved in the after hours dorm parties. Lots of complaining and fighting (which would make these good for fans of Harrison’s The Clique series), and too few encounters with the prince. Niki Burnham’s series (Royally Jacked) has a much better royal encounter.

If these do circulate well, I'll need to buy Dueling Princes (2006) and Dumping Princes (2007).

Instead of YA literature, I’ve been reading Maeve Binchy (Heart and Soul and Whitethorn Woods) and Andrea Trigiani (Rococo) which are all quite fun.

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  1. Hm...I need to check those books out! And happy new year, Ms. Yingling!