Monday, August 24, 2009

Kevin Emerson

It just occurred to me that I don't have the 5th Emerson book yet(The Eternal Tomb), since I am behind on my book orders (tragically), but I need to get it soon. The really wonderful things about these books are the details that Mr. Emerson provides for everything-- food, transportation (I want to travel through the earth!), characters-- is wonderful. The Oliver's world is so complete that I am sucked right in. Even if I were to be reading during a meeting, which I would never, ever do, his writing would transport me. However, since I have been sitting in meetings (not reading), my brain is too addled to give good plot summaries, so the publisher's descriptions follow. If you haven't looked at these, they are a must, since 6th grade boys who are reading Twilight and really don't need to be will love them.

The Sunlight Slayings: Reunited with Emalie's cousin Dean, who has turned into a zombie, Oliver, Dean, and Emalie go off in search of why vampire children have been mysteriously turning into dust, but when they encounter the Fallen Brotherhood--a human group that fights vampires, Oliver learns troubling news.

Blood Ties: Oliver Nocturne, vacationing with his extended family in Morosia, a vampire city beneath Rome, is shocked to learn that Emalie has stowed away--believing the city holds the key to her mother's whereabouts--and must come up with a plan to keep his family in the dark about her presence.

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  1. I see a trend... TOMB, SLAYINGS, BLOOD.


    I know at least one of my sons would like these...