Friday, August 07, 2009


Bookworm Readers is having a great contest to win some interesting looking books on friendship. If my Harry Potter contest was any indication, sometimes there are so few entries that it's easy to win, so I'd enter!

My reading is still going poorly-- still reading adult beach-reads like Nora Roberts. Next week, when I get back into the building and can commune with my beloved books, I will do better. Right now, they are shampooing the carpet, so I can't get in. Good news: the custodians buffed the tile and removed all traces of where the book shelves that were removed used to be.


  1. Yea, custodians! And don't feel guilty or bad about enjoying light reading. I think it's just as important as any other reading (as long as that's not the only thing people read).

  2. Thanks for posting! Good luck!