Monday, March 23, 2009

June Sproat's Ordinary Me

Ordinary Me is a great book to hand to girls who don't want to read a mystery but have to for class. Kate is living an ordinary life-- hanging out with her best friend, pining after attractive but out-of-reach boy, and suffering through high school, when she has an accident in driving class which injures a runaway convict. Media coverage makes things get strange in her world-- the boy is interested in her, popular girls pay her some attention, and eventually she gets pulled into a mystery involving the convict. Because of the bright cover, I didn't expect that part! The plot is innovative, and there is some very funny writing in this book, so the girls will love it. Perfectly appropriate for middle school, this is a fun mystery romance. My only criticism would be that Kate's voice is a little disorganized, which made me like her a little less. I don't think the students will notice. Thanks to June Sproat for sending me two copies!

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  1. Thanks for this suggestion. I'm off to find a copy.