Tuesday, March 10, 2009

About Advanced Readers' Copies

I truly did not know that ARCs were NOT supposed to be put into library collections. Several years ago, I received some from Melissa Kantor's publicist, and I did put four of the books into my collection. They were removed yesterday when I found out that publishers do specifically say that they are not to be included in library collections. Nothing in my first package indicated that.

What do other librarians do with the ARCs they receive? A student told me yesterday that she got a lot of them from our public library, and she wanted to donate them to our library. I do give teachers books for classroom collections, and keep a stack of my own paperbacks to loan to students who have overdue books, so hope it is okay to use the books in that way.

Interesting timing, since I just decided that I need to start asking publishers for ARCs. Other bloggers seem to have piles of them, and it would make my reviews more timely if I didn't have to wait to read a book until the public library has a copy.

Interested publishers can send me all the books they want, now knowing that I will use them as I ought. They can be sent to:

Karen Yingling, Librarian
Blendon Middle School
223 S. Otterbein Ave.
Westerville, OH 43081


  1. I got a bunch of galleys when I went to ALA Midwinter. Since I wasn't associated with a library, I just kept some for myself. I still have a bunch that I haven't read yet-- so far, I'm keeping them or donating them to another entity, such as the Pages for Prisoners Project or the Friends of the Library Book Sale. I did meet some librarians who made comments that made it seem like they were going to be adding these types of books to their collections (especially in the case of a popular author or a sequel), but it could be that they use these types of books as prizes or other giveaways. I also didn't know they oughtn't be in the regular library collection; none of them mention it in the front bits, so you are not alone.

  2. When I got them at the bookstore, I used to just read them and pass them on. I think that's the point, though I have seen a few turn up in used bookstores.

  3. I use the books also for youth with overdues, or book club giveaways--and when they're sent to my house, I keep them for my own children, and then maybe add them to the ARC pile at the library. I thought I needed more, too, but now that they're coming and now that I'm blogging...I can barely keep up! I've received SO many good ones, too!