Friday, March 27, 2009

Forty Years of Accumulation

This will anger someone, somewhere, who doesn't understand how I can get rid of anything when money is so tight. The explanation: five laser disk players and biographies from 1960 will not fill the need I have for good, new fiction books for my students.

As much as possible has been recycled, given to other teachers or buildings, and reused. The screens at the bottom of the picture were picked up from a local college-- they have silver screens instead of white. Who knew? The typewriter does not work, and I have the other four that remained in the building.

Does this break my heart? Yes. This whole pile goes to auction, so hopefully the district will get a little money, and these things will get repaired and used. My library will be more efficient and effective when I don't have the shelves clogged with extra glass for overheads we no longer have, neatly wrapped in newspaper.... from 1992.

This has taken ten days. During that time, I've also checked out 1,762 books. I think I've earned my keep!

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  1. You certainly have! And I don't think it's bad to get rid of unused equipment...