Thursday, November 13, 2008

What I read during book fair.

The morning was a little slow (conferences were going on) and I was able to read these all before lunch and also take AR tests. I won't describe these; there are too many. This is the only day of work ever where I have been able to read! I now have about 175 points. It's become a Reading Smack Down!

  1. Fritz, Jean. Will You Sign Here, John Hancock?
  2. "" .George Washington's Breakfast
  3. Slote, My Robot Buddy
  4. Turner. Nettie's Trip South
  5. Tripp. Changes for Molly
  6. "". Happy Birthday for Molly
  7. "". Molly Saves the Day
  8. "". Molly Learns a Lesson
  9. Willner-Pardo. Spider Storch's Musics Mess,
  10. "". Spider Storch's Fumbled Field Trip
  11. "". Spider Storch's, Teacher Torture
  12. "". Spider Storch's Carpool Catastrophe
  13. van Leeuwen. Amanda Pig on Her Own,
  14. "". Oliver Pig at School
  15. Warner. Sweet and Sour Lily
  16. Wetterer. Kate Shelly and the Midnight Express
  17. Behind the Scenes at a Movie
  18. Sneakers
  19. Sneakers: From Start to Finish
  20. Laura Ingalls Wilder: Growing Up
  21. Tut's Mummy Lost and Found
  22. Pompeii: Buried Alive

(Overall, I have a 94% average, so I do miss some questions! On the last book, I got 8 out of ten, which is sad, because I taught Pompeii, and the level on the book was 2.9! Just shows that you have to pay attention!)


  1. Anonymous9:30 PM EST

    Did you get all the questions right for every book? Wow. When I was a media specialist in K-8 I used to take AR tests too. I passed but I didn't always get 100%. Congratulations, Ms Yingling!

  2. Are you really into the "W" fiction? Really? Do you have a prediction for the end, yet? :-)

  3. I like the idea of a reading smack-down. We should all describe it that way far more often.