Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Greast and Terrible Beauty

I'd read Libba Bray's book a while back but didn't get too far into it. I had it on my list to look at again because of the new popularity of supernatural books for girls. This one starts out well, with Gemma in India, longing to go to England. Her mother is brutaly killed, and Gemma has brushes with forces beyond her understanding, but before we know it she is in a boarding school filled with snotty girls. This part went on and on and was quite boring. The reviews claim that this is fast-paced and thrilling, but I wasn't getting it. I'll hand it to 9th grader if she has time to read, but I don't see this filling the needs of my students. Sigh. Looks so promising, too.


  1. This was an odd series for me. The first one I just didn't get why it was so *magical* for readers--I'd only heard good buzz about it. The second book I absolutely adored. I loved it. The third book was alright, in a way, but I hated the ending. So definitely an odd series with some ups and downs.

  2. I really enjoyed this series, and my girls here at school like it a lot, too. The 3rd has some somewhat mature content, but less sophisticated readers probably won't even notice.