Thursday, August 28, 2008

From the Files of Madison Finn

This is a generational problem. The book starts out with conversation in a chat room. I can't read this stuff; my reluctant 10 year old loved this book. Since it is part of a 20 book series (check out, this is a good thing. Put out by the Volo imprint of Hyperion, this is not a bad buy (mainly in paperback or prebinds) for middle school students. Madison is a tech-savvy Millenial who is struggling with various middle school issues-- her parents are divorced, she is doing community service at a nursing home, she has lots of homework, and she has to deal with a mother who calls her "honey bear" way too often. Realistic, gently humorous, but fraught with prose in a tech format that the children love but I find distracting.

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  1. OMG, u mean u dnt undrstnd IM and txt abbrv? Y not? AFAIK its really hrd 2 fgr out. BOTOH, WDIK, Im just a dumb parent.


    I don't think I'd B able 2 read that book, either!