Friday, August 22, 2008

Finally-- Breaking Dawn

Spoiler alert: Don't read past the first paragraph if you don't want to know major plot element.'

I was very apprehensive about this book because of the reactions I heard from others. My daughter wanted to buy multiple copies--- to launch flaming through Meyer's windows! Her best friend thought it read "like bad fan fiction". My principal was concerned about the sex. Other mothers were grossed out by the fact that older adolescent werewolves were "imprinting" (choosing as life-long mates, although their roles are as protectors rather than as paramours) on very tiny girls. Since there are a ton of reviews out there, I will just say this: No worries.

I will go ahead and buy two copies, since the traffic will be constant on this one. I have no worries about the sex; it is hinted at and danced around. My only concern would be that it does romanticize it-- as long as you forget the part about her getting pregnant with an alien (sorry, half-vampire) baby who then tears through her insides at birth.

This was no worse than the others, but would have benefitted from intense editing. Weighing in at 625 pages, this could easily have been tightened up to 400, and the story would have been more intense. Do they battle the Volturi at the end? I was tired at that point and no longer cared.

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  1. Good to hear you're keeping it. I have three copies on my desk right now, and I'm trying to decide whether to keep them or return them - only because of the sexiness of some parts. I probably wouldn't be worried about it if this series weren't SO popular...